Best Characters In Stickman Warriors

Do you know about the Best Characters In Stickman Warriors? Stickman Warriors has gained tremendous popularity among gaming lovers due to its simple, straight gameplay and various characters. This game allows the players to control characters and battle with other characters. Stickman Warriors has many characters, and each has weaknesses and strengths. Each character has unique abilities and also has a different appearance. This article will discuss the best characters in Stickman Warriors and why this character is the best overall.

A Focus On The Best Characters In Stickman Warriors

There’re many best characters in Stickman Warriors following are:

  1. Vigitto SSJ Blue
  2. Ruto Beast
  3. Suke Susanoo
  4. Evil Gomu
  5. Ryjen Full Power
  6. Heat
  7. God Slayer Haret
  8. Culler Golden
  9. Gomu SSJ3

Vigitto SSJ Blue

Vigitto SSJ Blue is my favorite and a powerful character in Stickman Warriors. He can beat many enemies with the help of his sword; one powerful attack can down many enemies at once. You need $199 to take this character for fighting.


Ruto Beast

Ruto Beast is also a powerful character but has lower abilities than Vigitto SSJ Blue. This character fights with the help of Claws. His special attack is a mighty roar that can daze many enemies and bash them back. To take this character, you need  800 gems. 


Suke Susanoo

Suke Susanoo is a ranged character of Stickman warriors who used to attack from a distance. He can shoot mighty arrows that defeat with high attack power and down enemies from space. This character is perfect for those enemies who try to beat from a distance. You need 800 Gems to open this character for fighting.


Evil Gomu

Evil Gomu is an adaptable character who changes from ranged and melee attacks. He beats many enemies with the help of punches and kicks. His attack is a beam that can down many enemies at once, punch and kick. To take him, you need 400 Gems.


Ryjen Full Power

Ryjen Full Power also has some abilities of attack. He uses a sword for a spell. He is suitable for those who want intense fighting. You need $199 to unlock this character.



Heat is also a character name in Sickman Warriors. He has a special ability to fight. He can attack an opponent from a distance with the help of fireballs that beat your enemies quickly. This fireball rapidly attacks your opponent. You need 520 Gems to unlock this character in Stickman Warriors.


God Slayer Haret

God Slayer Haret is a scary character who can control lighting and thunder. He has high speed and special abilities to hit and beat enemies with lightning attacks. He can absorb lighting attacks, convert this light into energy, and use this energy to defeat your opponent. 800 Gems are required to unlock God Slayer Haret.


Culler Golden 

Culler Golden can use energy beams from his hand to defeat enemies from a distance. Culler Golden has a strong protection shield and can fight much before relinquishing the fight. You need 700 Gems to unlock this character.


Gomu SSJ3

He can move at lightning-fast speeds, making him difficult to hit, and he can defeat many enemies with his attacks. Gomu SSJ3 can convert into a Super Saiyan 3 and power up. He’s an excellent choice for those who want to overwhelm the fight with lightning-fast attacks. To unlock this character, you collect 18000 coins.


Best Characters In Stickman Warriors Conclusion

There are a variety of best characters in Stickman Warriors, and each has weaknesses and strengths. Vigitto SSJ Blue is my favorite character because this character has some ability to attack and defeat opponents. You should have unlimited coins and gems to unlock many characters in Stickman Warriors. You can fight with unlimited power to dominate your opponents.

Best Characters In Stickman Warriors FAQS

Which Character is best in Stickman Warriors?

Vigitto SSJ Blue is my best character in Stickman Warriors.

Which abilities does the best Character have in Stickman Warriors?

The best Character should be able to attack and defeat the opponent and use some extra power to fight with an opponent for a long time.

What is the requirement to unlock the best Character in Stickman Warriors?

To unlock the best Character in Stickman Warriors after achieving specific milestones, completing different levels, defeating your enemies, or collecting coins and Gems.